Sports Round Up!

Sports Round Up!

This week in the sports world, the Cleveland Cavaliers found a way to stop the offensive juggernaut in the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. LeBron James led the way again with another triple double, along with Kyrie Irving stepping up again at the right time with a 40 piece.

Cleveland found their backs against the wall before the game started being down 3-0 in the series, but the championship pedigree on that team can’t be undermined, as they broke the record for most three point shots made in a finals game with 24, previously set by the Warriors. The Cavs came out aggressive and made sure that they displayed their dominance in the paint that opened up the door for the three point shot. If they can continue to find easy points and second chance points, they would have a shot of coming back in this series.

The Warriors seemed to struggle with the intensity of the game from the jump, with many turnovers and chatter with officials. With that being said, they were down by nearly 30 points in the game. But as most Warriors fans know, no lead is safe for them, and sure enough they brought it all the way back to single digits multiple times, but simply wasn’t enough. Officiating was a big topic of discussion, as several Warriors players would have been thrown out of the game, but due to lack of communication from officials to scorecard and stat keepers, they were able to stay in the game.

In other news, the NHL season was concluded last night with the Pittsburgh Penguins claiming the Stanley Cup by winning the series 4-2 against the Nashville Predators. Sidney Crosby, arguably the most well known hockey player in America, won the Conn Smythe award, also known as the MVP award for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Penguins finished the regular season 50 and 21, second behind the Capitals and finished the playoffs with a 16 and 9 record. A parade is being organized and planned, but still no official time has been set.

Will the Warriors be able to fend off the Cavs and not blow another 3-1 series lead? Who will be able to compete next year for the Stanley Cup and dethrone Sydney Crosby? Let's have a discussion! Also be sure to check out our Father's Day Specials going on this week on and look for your Dad’s favorite team or teams! 

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