NBA Season Comes to and End!

NBA Season Comes to and End!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a champion! The Golden State Warriors have won the 2017 NBA Championship by defeating the defending champs, Cleveland Cavaliers. Golden State’s offense and pace was too much for LeBron James and company, taking the series 4-1.

After losing last year's finals by leading 3-1 and blowing that lead, the Warriors needed to find a way to stop the king, and figured, why not get second best to the king? As many disagreed with the decision that Kevin Durant made, it ultimately paid off and rewarded him his first NBA title and Finals MVP. Many wonder if he will stay with the Warriors, considering he did leave one good team that had Golden State up against the ropes before taking his talents West, but KD has said he before that he wants to stay long term and do what it takes to keep the team together. The NBA should be worried.

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Cleveland has many answers that need to be solved over the summer. What needs to be changed? Who needs to be traded? Who might they want to bring in to conquer the mighty Warriors? Will LeBron put on his GM hat and find a way to bring in another perennial All Star like Paul George or Carmelo Anthony? Or will there be an internal changes and make Kyrie more of a traditional point guard? We will just have to wait and see.

With the draft merely a week away, the NBA buzz train is still live as the Celtics and Lakers have the two top picks in the draft. One team trying to smokescreen the other, as reports keep flying in that one team doesn’t care much for one player or promised that they would draft them. Will we see a crazy draft night with tons of trades and swaps of picks? Or will everything go “according to plan”? Let's start the discussion!

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