Chapter 3: The Re-Rematch

Chapter 3: The Re-Rematch

As many may already know, the NBA Finals also have been well underway, and it has been an exciting (for some) series with tons of emotion and a battle for all the all the bragging rights. It's a battle of team ball, that being the Warriors, versus a man that has defeated many odds and doubters in LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers.

So far, the series has been one sided, all in favor of the Golden State Warriors, as Kevin Durant and Steph Curry have both been on fire in the first two games, scoring 131 points combined. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson have struggled in their first two games offensively, but have major contributions on the opposite side of the court by slowing down Kyrie Irving and LeBron James (slightly). The team looks phenomenal and unstoppable from the three point line, as they have killed Cleveland from deep, shooting a whopping 40 percent as a team.

Of course with one team's success, there is another team that needs to hit the drawing board. Cleveland hasn’t played well on the defensive side of the ball, and have been shooting themselves in the foot by numerous turnovers that Golden State have capitalized on. Another critical thing that needs to change is the other stars around LeBron that need to show up, as LeBron looks to be all alone in this series, considering he posted a triple double in the second game and almost another one in game 1.

What do you guys think? Will LeBron be able to rally the troops and turn the series around again? Or will the deadly assassins from Oakland claim their trophy that was arguably taken away from them? Let’s start the discussion! Also, if you like to travel and you are a big sports fan like myself, be sure to check out for top of the line luggage’s, backpacks and much more with your favorite professional and collegiate teams! 

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